#14 My Sub In Government

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So I’m in class rite now and insted of the cubby bearded fuck. I got this oldy with some flabby ass titties! It looks like if betty white and dick chaney had a baby. I bet 30 years ago she had a nice rack and a tight lil vag, ¬†Now its probably all powdered up like a Fun Dip (havnt had one one those in hella deep)


#13 Things I Hate In Porn

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1. I fuckin hate when there having anal sex and then holly shit she fuckin farts on his dick! Wtf is that! I don’t need to be spanking it and then have to stop because I’m laughing so hard because she just ass burped on the dudes cock. At least do a one cheak sneek ladies for god sake.

2. I hate when the dude is not sercumsized (or how ever the fuck you spell it) I am 2 for 2 the last 2 nights where the dude has a head bag. And then the chick has to blow him how awkward is that. “Ok here I go goin to put this pecker in my mou….. what the fuck is this!” Don’t you think that should be on the job aplication when you go into the porn industie. It should be do you have any std’s and o by the way did you parents cut ur penis hoody off when you were a baby.

#12 Official MILF Rules

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Me and Nic were talking today in math on what classifies a milf, so we decide to make a rule book on MILFS

(i am taking a shit white writing this so bare with me)


  1. Must have a child, cant just be a hot ass older woman
  2. Must be under the age of 50, we dont want the dried up pussy that looks like your grandmothers feet yadamean
  3. If she isnt really hot do not classify her as a MILF please.
  4. A MILF is decided by 2 3rds votes by 3 friends, if 2 of the 3 friends would fuck then she is a MILF

Here is the video that clearly expressed a MILF, i might actualy spank it on the toilet, its the closest thing im going to get to blumpkin. and the towels are rite here so thats also a plus in my book.


#11 Asian Persuasion

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Nothin better than a nice asain woman, im sitting here with my buddy Ave (hes a little chinkadera himself) and it got me thinking, why the uck are there no asain women at my school. it is pissing me off, they will give you what you want and there fajayjays are always tighter than ryan secrests butt hole. If there was an asain woman with some tig ol bitties and an ass like kim k and if she could stick a hole hotdog (bun and all) down her mouth and i would on that till my balls fell off. Not to many all natural asain women with nice bootays and ta tas so if you got a video post it, ill post one tonight when i rub one out.

#10 I Really Need To Change Cleaning Services

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Ok i really need to get rid of my maid if there and ones like this in the world. my maid is about 5’6 fat and has a body odor problem. This maid is unbelivable, why cant i have a hot maid that says “hey can i clean your dick to, im out of towels so ill just have to use my toung” or “hey im out of pledge can i squeez some cum out of you, that might clean your coffee table real fuckin nice” I need a cleaning servise with the phone number 1800-BIG-TITS, that would just make my day. The video im about to show you has flaws in it, first of all who the fuck uses a fish eye lence to film getting a blow-j, second the lence isnt even clean, u can see the little smudge and the bottom right, and she took her bra off to show off the nockers of here and then a min later she has it back on, what the fuck is that, is this maid also wonder woman? so im going to post 2 maid video. So grab a towel (get it im talking about maids and you neeed to wipe up your cum with a towel) and watch these 2 videos (second one is better)

Via Pornhub http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=274cac64eed21318019b


#9 Another Day At The “Office”

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So me and my buddys are in the library, we chillin like a mo fo and i found a new mobile porn site called lobster tube… it is fucking nice… very organized… and we can all spank our monkeys on the road, so im just chillin in the libray with my buddy pills and we went on the website and the fist thing we see is a latina with a big ol’ ass, i mean it was big and really nice. If i was starving in a cave and all i had was my phone and a steak and i had to choose between this woman ass or the steak… i would throuw the steak across the room and whack it till next july. I get bored alot in school so i just pull out my phone and watch a little spank t.v. So heres the link to the new site and i will also post the link on the “mobile porn” post

PS: Your phone insureance does not cover your phone breaking because you shot a load of cum into the speaker….


#8 Nothin’ Wrong With A Little Meat

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So today me and my friend Jesus (aka scarface) were talking about sextual experiences, and he brought up how sometimes chicks with a little chub fuck good and it feels awsome. at first i was like wtf is this lil nigga talkin aabout but than i started to make sence. think about i, if your on top it would be preaty confy, all there features (tits and ass) would be bigger and if your hittin that ass from behind its like fuckin your pillow (but feels better than cotton trust me i would know) So next time you see a chick with a cute face and a little bit of bagage on the belly, just think to yourself “remeber the that horny fuck that has the blog, maby i should take this bitch home and fuck her!” I aint going to lie Oprah is chubby but i would fuck her, i mean how many people can say they fucked Oprah, id do anal on that bitch just to get a nice rep on that (i smell a reality show!)and this chick here is preaty dam fine! and i bet she can cook some meen buffalo wing!!!

Via Pornhub http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=480833704